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LuvFinally Mission

Our mission is to give people a quality alternative to online dating with the hopes of effectively reducing the influxes of people using online dating as their primary avenue of meeting people.

To accomplish this we get rid of all the nonsensical fluff associated with on-line dating… No computers; No profiles; No pictures; No phones; and No texting.

We’re bringing the old fashion way of dating back to the 21st century, in Person, Face to face, up Close and Personal.

About Us

LuvFinally was created to give people an alternative to online dating and match making…

LuvFinally was founded on four core principles

  • Everyone looking for love should find love.
  • Everyone must be given an equal opportunity to find love.
  • Everyone should have a safe enviroment in finding love.
  • And No one under any circumstances will be discrimminated upon in the process of finding love.

Our promise to you is as follows:

  • No online
  • No profiles
  • No match making

if you are tired of the rollercoaster mentality of online dating, and match making. not getting desired results. Then LuvFinally is your alternative.


It has been said the style of meeting and dating of today is very different then that of the past.

Dating had another term it was called corting. It’s said it’s a thing of the past; Or is it??

As President and as a woman and a human being. I’m happy to say LuvFinally is here to show society that going back to the basics with a 21st century influence; is just want is needed.

I rememer the exact night I was told about this great opportunity. After this beautiful person shared with me his story. This amazing man wanted to change lives. I had to be a part of it.

As President of this dynamic company. I will represent LuvFinally with integrity, human kindness, communication and most of all respect. This is not a job, it’s my passion.

Within each of our 4 communities members will know they have my attention and their concerns are my concerns and my top priority. With NO BIAS. No more dealing with the complexity of online dating.

It will become clear to our members that I’m the most understanding person you will encounter.

You name it, I know somethng about it. So listening has become my expertise.

People have lost touch with communicating with one another. They no longer have the ability and or desire to own up to their truth; mostly due to pride. Which has lead to lack of human contact and respect for each other.

I’m looking forward to becoming a part of your journey. Bringing hope to others in finding their special someone.

How exciting it will be not be embarasses when someone ask “how did you guys meet”? You can be proud to tell others what LuvFinally personifies.

Rest assure I’m more than happy to give this option to those who are ready for it. With changing your life in the most positive way possible.



Founder and CEO of LuvFinally

Over the past 20 years my career has been in banking managerment and hotels.

I had been married for over 22 years. However, when the divorce was done and when I finally became willing to go back out in the dating world; I found many road blocks.

The big question was???? What’s the alternative? Do I do the blinds dates from well meaning friends? Or try match making? Yet, a common everyday person like myself can’t afford that option. Online dating? Well that involveds all the principles I was told not to do growing up. So meeting strangers, sitting in front of a computer and or cell phone; reading profiles, staring at pitcures and waiting for “a wink” is not my cup of tea.

I believe all of what’s out there is nothing more than shopping cart mentality dating.

Therefore, I had to do something.

In the last 5 years or so I develop LuvFinally. I had the dream to improve the way of meeting and dating. My hope is to give people who’s truely looking for a quaility person; be given the best possible way for doing just that.

My core principles that i will maintain with LuvFinally are:

  • Everyone looking for love should find love.
  • Everyone must be given an equal oppertunity to find love.
  • Everyone must have a safe enviroment to find love; and under no circumstances no one should be discriminated in the process of finding love.

If anyone is happy with on line dating or match making as the best means for them. Then by all means keep doing it. However, if you are frustrated, disgusted, and tired with the unfulfillment along with the nonsencial fluff thats out there; then you are what we are looking for. For you to start the process of finding your special someone.

Are you ready to meet real people, face to face, up close and personal. “Then keep reading” because my desire will be to get back to the basics. The old fashion way of dating with a 21st century influence.

With LuvFinally having 3 months in advance of events and activities. You will have a full calendar, with exciting things to choose from.
I wanted all to feel as comfortable as possible. Which is why I choose to have communities as Single Parents, Seniors, LGBTQ, and Heterosexuals.

Therefore with all we offer with LuvFinally. I feel if you dont find someone in about 9 months, LuvFinally is not for you. I look forward to meeting and knowing all of you.

In closing, remember my motto and LuvFinally motto will be to continualy show through the years that love is more than hips, lips, and fingertips.